I used to be a craft blogger. Back in the day. Then I had kids and the wheels fell off the bus and there was little crafting going on around here.

Chalk it up to seasons of motherhood. They change. There’s ebbs and flows. Some days it’s hard, so hard you really honestly truly think you may not survive, other days its ok, and some days its great.

Then one day, you spend the entire afternoon gluing acorn caps to the frame of a mirror with your daughter and you are delighted when she exclaims to her daddy that she had “The most wonderfulest day ever! Mommy and me did CRAFTS while Lukey was sleeping!!!!”

My children are now almost 2 and 4, and I have been able to do my creative endeavors a bit more, something that I couldn’t do when they were younger and when I was over-involved in volunteering. I decided that it would be fun to join the craft team for MOPS this year and getting my craft on with other women who call Joann’s the “motherland” has been so REFRESHING!!!! Idea sharing, crafting parties, it’s been awesome.

It’s been Craftalicious.


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