I <3 Ladybugs

Savannah’s preschool Valentine’s Day party is this week, so we got busy crafting this weekend. I spent some time pinning all sorts of Valentine ideas for her classmates, but in the end, the googly-eyed ladybugs won her heart.

And mine. Well, they had to for me to make 20 of them!

Skip to My Lou had these adorable printables for download. Such a great idea!

We had the cardstock on hand and purchased tootsie pops, heart shaped brads, and black tissue paper to complete the look. And, let me tell you, black tissue paper was NOT found at Wegmans. Or Walgreens. And it was ridiculously expensive at Joann’s. We were finally somewhat victorious this afternoon at 4:30 pm at the Dollar Tree, where two black sheets of tissue paper were mixed in with zebra and leopard print paper. We found googly eyes at the Dollar Tree too!

The greatest part? That my child practiced writing her name twenty times. She may not have gotten it right every time (or the “N”s the right direction at all), but she did it happily and without complaining. Thank heavens! There is hope that she will write her name and not just give up because it has “too many letters” and complain that her “friends have names like Mia and Ava, that’s only 3 letters, mom!”



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