The turtleneck, revisited

I had a white turtleneck. Well, sort of a hybrid between a turtleneck and an cowlneck. It was from Target and it had been sitting unworn for a very. long. time.

A fashionable friend of mine had cleaned out my closet about a year ago and instructed,  “No more turtlenecks. Scoops and V-necks are much more slimming for your shape.” If you saw how fashionable and adorable she looks all the time, pregnant, not pregnant, skinny days or fluffy postpartum days, you’d obey her fashion advice, too.

So. This turtleneck thing was destined for the donation pile… until I got the grand idea to take a risk and make some changes.

I cut the turtleneck part off, which was two ply of fabric. I separated those two sections and cut them in half lengthwise again. I sewed all four sections together, end to end, winding up with a really long 3 inch wide strip of fabric.

I ran a simple straight stitch down the middle of the entire strip. When you pull on the bobbin thread of a straight stitch, you create ruffles! I cut the neckline in the front down about two inches, otherwise I would have had ruffles way too close to my neck and would look more like a jester than anything else, folded my new ruffle edging (so I had two lawyers of ruffles) and sewed it to the yoke.

I kind of like it! I sent the picture to my fashionable SIL and she approved. I even had the guts to wear it to family movie night at my daughter’s preschool!

However, tonight’s probably the last time I’ll be wearing this for a while. At 18 weeks, its not long enough to cover my belly much longer, but I look forward to wearing it again after the baby’s born!


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  1. AHHHH! I must have missed a previous baby announcement! Congratulations!!!!!! 🙂

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