President’s Day Gear for the Little Man

Since most of my sewing projects thus far have been for my daughter, I decided to make my son some President’s Day Gear.

I give you “Washington” or “Some Dude with a Ponytail.” He is cut from a maroon t-shirt that was in the donation/ sewing pile and sewn onto a Garanimals t-shirt I got on clearance for $2.

Dana from Made has some awesome tutorials and downloads to make your own Lincoln and Washington stencils. Her photos are so much more awesome than mine. And it seems that her son likes the whole modeling bit, instead of needing to be bribed with chocolate. Hmm.

But then again, when Angie’s chocolates are just sitting there in the church atrium unattended… what else can you do?

Here is “The Lincoln.” Wait, is that chocolate on the side of his mouth again? Whoops.

I found the green shirt at THE DOLLAR STORE!!! I’ve found it difficult to find a good supply of inexpensive, plain t-shirts for my kids that I can embellish, so I was pumped to find this at the dollar store last week.

How are you celebrating President’s Day?


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