Marble Maze Tutorial

Desperate for some peace and quiet? Aren’t we all sometimes? Here’s a cute project I found on Pinterest that uses fabric scraps and a marble to create a new “quiet book.” Your kids will love pushing the little marble through the maze and it’s great for small motor skills, concentration, and spatial reasoning.

The original pin had some seriously cool fabric and amazing photography, but the directions were not. in. english. So I’ve made up my own tutorial. It’ll only take about a half hour of your time, less if you’re a crafty sewer. You probably have all the materials on hand anyways!


Fabric scraps, one of main color and two small pieces to indicate “start” and “finish”

Marble, bead, or something similar

Cutting Mat


Rotary Cutter


fabric marking pen

straight pins

sewing machine

Cut two squares out of your fabric. I used an old t-shirt that my husband didn’t wear anymore (he put it in the donate/ recreate pile). My measurements were about 5 1/2 inches.

Take one of your fabric squares and add your applique circles/ squares/ whatever you want to use to indicate the start and finish of your maze. I used some knit scraps I had laying around. Stitch them in place. Alternatively, you could use a permanent fabric marker and draw a little something for the start and finish.

Next, pin your squares RIGHT sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a small opening for turning. Turn it right side out and press.

Take your marble (I used one of those glass gem things because I lost my marbles. HA!) and tuck it inside. Topstitch around the whole square.

Take your fabric marking pen- mine has disappearing ink on one side and water soluble on the other- and mark up your stitch lines to create the maze. Stitch along the lines, being careful to move the marble away from your presser foot and needle as you stitch along.

And there you have it! A marble maze! See the marble?

My daughter is four and she loves this. It took a little instruction, but she understands it and has found it is easier for her to lay it flat on a table and push the marble through the maze. I would imagine children ages 3 and a half and up could use this, you may have to explain it a bit, but they’ll get it. My two year old couldn’t figure it out and I think it was too small for him anyway. I may try to use a larger marble for his and an easier maze.








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2 responses to “Marble Maze Tutorial

  1. What a great idea! I think it would need some concentration on my part to make sure I sew a decent maze, but one day I’m SURE the kids will give me time to try this 😀

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