First Silhouette Project

I got a Silhouette SD this week. My friend Tia has had one for a little while and now that the 12 inch Cameo has come out, there are some deals to be had on the smaller SD version.

I am more of a fabric girl, so I didn’t mess with the few snippets of scrapbooking paper I have and opted to make a simple freezer paper stenciled shirt for my first project. I used the Silhouette Software studio to write out the words and had the silhouette cut it on freezer paper. Then I ironed the stencil onto an old black tank and used some silver fabric paint to finish the project.


“With Bump, not Plump.” It’s my new gym tank. I love it. Donned it to Golds Gym this morning to do my Kim Lyons’s bicep workout. Which is killer, by the way.


Feeling winter white and definitely not as good as shape as I was for my brother’s spectacular wedding last July (nor as sunkissed!), but feeling pretty good. 21 weeks down, 19 to go!


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