Fancy wipe off placemats

I don’t know about you, but my table takes a beating from my preschoolers eating habits. Lots of drips, splatters, and smudges. Which is why we don’t go to fancy restaurants. At home, I use a vinyl tablecloth over my table or placemats. They’ve beat up all my placemats to the point that they needed to be replaced and the tablecloth is pretty yucky too so I’ve decided to just reserve it for craft time. I found some great deals at the Christmas Tree Shops and picked up eight fabric placemats that I plan to spray some fabric guard on and use for company, but for just our little family’s daily use, I needed something that was wipe off.

I am a reader of icandyhandmade , a craft blogger who has some ridiculously cute ideas. One of her Valentine’s ideas last year is what I followed to make some cute wipe off placemats of my own design.

I used a blue and brown nursery print damask I picked up at Joann’s (pretty sophisticated print for a nursery, huh?) and a utility fabric I had never worked with before- iron-on-vinyl. It’s great- you just iron it onto whatever fabric you want and it’s instantly laminated. I think I’ll be using more of this for some baby projects.  The Joann’s on Transit road carries the vinyl, Niagara Falls Boulevard Joann’s was sold out and didn’t know when they were getting more, in case you’re interested in making this too.

I had 4 placemats at home that I covered and I also picked up 4 more at the Christmas Tree Shops for 50 cents each! This way if we have friends over who also have kids that make messes, we’ve got our table covered. And pretty. Here’s to having cute decor when you still have little kids at home!

The vinyl application was easy enough, but it was the gluing of the laminated fabric to the existing placemat that I’m having trouble with. The tutorial said to use spray adhesive, which I used, but it keeps curling on the edges. I think I need some sort of glue/ caulk to truly make the adhesion secure. See the curling on the edges?

I got a little over-zealous with the spray adhesive and made an oops. I oversaturated the fabric and now you can see the old placemat design through it. I put the ooops placemat in front of the heat run in hopes that it would dry it out, but it didn’t work. Sadly, I have a set of 7 placemats instead of 8. Oh well.

At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. They still need a little tweaking, but I enjoyed my exciting breakfast of oatmeal, flaxseed and cinnamon on them this morning!

And now, the numbers, which my husband is always curious about:

Spray adhesive- in my stash

1 1/2 yards of damask fabric- 7.19 *

1 1/2 yards of utility fabric- 5.99 *

Placemats- 2.00

Total for 8 (well 7) placemats- 15.18

So…. a little more than I had hoped, but they are cute and hopefully once the adhesion issue is straightened out, they will last for a while.

* always use the coupons for joanns!


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