Dinner Planner

My crafty friends came over last night to prep for our last MOPS craft of the year- a dinner planner board! (We’re making it next Thursday during spa day in case you’re wondering!!!) We took the time to make our own as test projects and are thrilled with how they turned out!

We found the idea on Pinterest, where else? It was a kit you could buy for $25. Ummm, no thank you! Not exactly MOPS craft budget friendly! But we pulled a few switches and were able to make this for about $4 each. Which is more than we usually spend on projects, but we scored some great deals on prior crafts and had some extra dinero left in our budget.  Heartland Paper gave directions here and has the days of the week and labels available for download here.

We printed out the days of the week in black and white on both white cardstock and cream, so everyone will have a choice. We have two big scrapbook paper stacks for moms to choose from for their background to mod podge onto the cookie sheet. All of the bottle caps already have magnets on them, so they’ll just have to glue the paper circles on. The post it note pads come in a few different colors.

Do you like how my shopping list is all adhesives? Haha. I was writing down all the things we need to have on hand for everyone and didn’t realize it in the picture!

And I explained to Angela that “Sunday Sauce” is different than just “Spaghetti Night”. Spaghetti night is pasta and jarred sauce for Keith and the kids, which only happens when we’re in a pinch. Sunday Sauce is an event 🙂

I hope the moms like it!



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