Easter Outfits

I finally did it. I made outfits for the kids for a holiday!

The dress was based on the Simple Simon & Co. Vintage School Girl Jumper Tutorial  . The Bow Tie is from Delia Create’s Lil Mister Bow Tie Tutorial. I made the hairbow with a bobby pin and extra fabric I had on hand. Easy peasy. Tying the bow tie, however, was NOT easy peasy. Phew! And I was totally up until 11 pm Saturday evening finishing everything up. I even had a panic moment when I realized I could not find any clasps in my notions stash to make the bow tie, so I sacrificed a bikini top and cut the back clasp off of that to make it work. It’s not like I’ll be wearing bikinis any time soon with a baby due in July. ha!

This is not the first matchy matchy outfit I’ve made the kids, and certainly not the last. It’s just too adorable! Their little blond hair and blue eyes in matchy clothes? Ahhh! I can’t take it. I want to pinch them.

A kind worker in Kings World took this family pic for us, about two second before Luke darted away like a madman to his room.

 I was a good girl and painstaking made a practice version of the dress about a month ago out of cheap muslin fabric. I probably had Savannah try it on half a dozen times to get the darts and everything else just right. I am so thankful she follows directions well when it comes to dress fittings!

 One of my favorite parts of the dress is the buttons down the back. I just happened to have the perfect ones in my stash! A very good thing, considering I was finishing this up well past Joann’s closing time.

Many thanks to Simple Simon & Co for their encouragement and great tutorials!


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