Staircase Basket Tutorial

I’ve got junk on my stairs, you’ve got junk on your stairs, we’ve all got junk on our stairs. Stuff that belongs upstairs but is downstairs, stuff that belongs downstairs but is upstairs. It’s always on the steps.

My husband keeps saying junk on the steps is a hazard for our children so he puts the staircase junk in a pile NEXT to the stairs, and said pile then migrates its way all over the dining room, the hallway and gets lost in the great abyss of messiness that our house tends to be.

BUT! Enter the staircase basket. No, not one from Bed Bath and Beyond that will set you back 40 bucks, but one that is practically free!

Really! You can do this! You might have everything on hand already!

What you’ll need:

A few boxes that will fit your staircase (I used a diaper box and another random box I had in the pantry)

Duct tape

Fabric of your choice for inside and outside of the box (maybe something in your remnant pile? The fabric I used was left over from some pillows I made for the living room a while back)

bias tape or ribbon for edges of box and embellishments

Box Cutter/ Scissors



Mod Podge

Hot glue gun


1- Take your box, set it on the stairs

2- Draw a line on the back of the box to mark the top edge of the stairs. DO NOT CUT THIS PART!

3- Cut the back corners of the box from the top of the box down to the line you just drew. Now you should have a flap that will sit on the second step of your staircase. This flap will give some stability to the upper shelf section of your box.

4- Place your second box/ cardboard configuration on top of your cardboard flap. Duct tape away!!!

5- Measure and cut your fabric and start mod podging it to the outside of your box. This process takes a while, so set up camp somewhere that you can leave your box undisturbed while the mod podge dries.

6- Once the exterior is dry, start mod podging your interior fabric.

7- After the interior is dry, add a ribbon or double fold bias tape to the top edge to give your box a finished look. Add ribbon or trim if desired! I used my hot glue gun to attach my bias tape, but you could probably mod podge it as well.

Ta daaa!!! A staircase box to hold all the junk!

Happy crafting, organizing, and containing the clutter!





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