Thank You Gifts

I finally got my act together this year and made some thank you gifts to give to all the amazing people that have loved and helped our children and me. Preschool teachers, nursery workers and Sunday school teachers, the girls at the gym nursery…

Really, I’ve been meaning to thank them all properly for 4 + years since becoming a mom, but I feel like I’ve finally come up for air this year… only to add a third child this summer and throw that all off again! ha!

I scoured pinterest for some ideas and here’s what I did!

For the nursery workers and Sunday school teachers, some “o-fish-ally the best” swedish fish goodie bags.

For the saints that worked the two-year old room during MOPS and bible study all year, some goodie bags that I filled with oranges (yes I gifted fruit!) and an “Orange you glad you survived the room of two year olds all year?

For my fellow crafty mommas at MOPS that helped on the craft team, I gave pears! Because we made a “pearfect” team!

And for my daughter’s preschool teachers, I made these little gifts with a watering can, and filled it with a package of flower seeds and a gift card. I wrapped the whole thing in cellophane, but that wasn’t a very photogenic or blog worthy pic! 🙂

I hope everyone liked their small token of appreciation! And I hope I can stay on top of the thank you gift thing even with 3 kids!


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