Dollar Store Crafts Part 4 of 4- Water bomb balls!

Running out of ways for your kids to keep cool this summer? Temps are in the the 80’s with humidity near 100%… I am hot-and-pregnant-with-little-patience-left, so I’m finding ways to keep us cool on days we can’t pool-crash somewhere. Did I mention we DON’T have central air???

Here’s something that’s easy and cheap to make. You and your kids can whip up half a dozen in no time at all.

Pick up a package of zip ties from your dollar store. Zip ties are awesome! Especially for a dollar! Cut up some sponges into various sized strips. Mine are the O-Cello kind because I thought the colors were cute, but you can get plain yellow ones at the dollar store.

Enlist your pint sized helper(s). My helper likes to group things by color. Always. Do you see my Dinner Board in the background? Love that thing! Yay for MOPS crafts!

Get the sponges wet; they are much easier to tie this way. Tie at least 3 strips together in the middle with the zip ties and trim the ends off.

Now, get some water in that baby pool!

Ahhhhh…. water doused children in the dead of summer are so much more pleasant than hot and sweaty ones, huh?

***WARNING*** don’t let your kids whip these at each other. The zip tie junction could hurt if thrown really hard! I tried making these using fishing line to tie the sponges together like I had seen on someone’s tutorial and it just didn’t work out for me.***


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