A little schoolwork

Mom confession… I have not been on top of the whole practicing schoolwork/ education/ etc since school let out. We’ve done some occasional name writing, usually in the form of signing her artwork, but little else as it’s been mostly fun, sun, and swimming. Ooops.

My daughter is 4 and will be in a kindergarten readiness preschool program this fall. I quickly assessed her knowledge and what I *think* she needs to start reading, and it seems that lowercase letter recognition is her main weakness.

I didn’t feel like going out an buying something, so I made some flashcards of my own using my Silhouette print and cut feature. Nothing fancy, but just what we needed. I found the “Print Clearly” font for free on fontspace.com. It was the closest font I could find to the lettering Savannah was learning in school, but it does lack the curly tail for lowercase l, q, and t.

Want them? Great! I uploaded them to my public google drive. Follow this link to open them in .xps format. You can print them on some cardstock and cut them out. I laminated mine in hopes that they will last through more than one child’s use.

There are 8 extra cards on the “YZ” page. I haven’t put anything on mine yet, but will probably do something for my 2 1/2 year old son with those. And yes, the “F” is missing. I’m sure if I move my couches to sweep under there I’ll find it, but I’m a little pregnant and lazy right now!

I would recommend using a hole punch to punch a hole in the top for 2 reasons:

1-The lowercase d, b, q, and p look incredibly similar in the font I used. Having a hole at the top of the card makes it a tad less confusing.

2- You can store the cards on a ring or maybe even a piece of yarn or string to keep the set together.

Right now we’re playing a matching game with lower and uppercase.

What are you doing to avoid “summer brain drain”?




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3 responses to “A little schoolwork

  1. Kelly Kovach

    Cute! I just bought Grace a set of upper- and lower-case felt letters from the teacher store I shop at. She is great with upper-case, too, but does not know all of her lower-case letters.

  2. Paula Romano

    Dana, you always amaze me lady. If I could have a do-over, I’d wanna be just like you!

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