Skunk PSA

Our dog got skunked last weekend. I was home alone with the kids as my husband was playing hockey (first time he’s played in over a month, go figure!) and prompty after the little ones were tucked bed, our poor little yapper got sprayed.

It reeeeeeeked. And not just your usual skunk-y smell. When something gets skunked up close, it smells so much worse than what you get a whiff of while driving past skunk-road skill.  It’s almost like a electrical burn type of smell.

Our dog got sprayed once last year and we learned about this Nature’s Miracle Skunk Remover stuff:

Every dog owner should have this on hand! It works on the dog, people, clothes, and anything else the skunk might have gotten. I had to call around to different pet stores to see who had it in stock last year. Thankfully our dog is only 7 pounds, so we had plenty left over for this year’s disaster!

You have to douse the dog in the skunk remover and let them air dry COMPLETELY before washing with regular dog shampoo. I whisked Mercy down to the basement utility sink (she can’t jump out), went back upstairs and closed all the windows, and then went back downstairs to soak Mercy down and then put her wet and wimpering in her crate for the night. Poor thing.

We don’t have central air so several windows were open  and the smell got in a good amount of the house. Add in the fact that I am pregnant and hyper-sensitive to smells and this was a problem. (I was seriously convinced that both of my children and husband had some horrible disease because of their breath in the morning, I sent them to the dentist and  the dentist said they were normal and I was. not. ha! Super sniffer!!!)

I used a bucket of white distilled vinegar to wash down all the floors in our house (hardwood and tile). Then I sprayed febreeze everywhere. I cranked all the window AC units and turned on the bathroom ventilation fan as well as the kitchen exhaust hood. I even popped open a couple of Renuzit air fresheners.

After all that work, my husband came home from hockey. “Whoa did you smell that skunk outside?” he said.

“Outside???? You mean you don’t smell anything in here???” I asked.

“No, why?”

Yes! Victory! A “fresh” nose declared the house skunk-free!

The next morning I woke up with my hyper sensitive nose feeling like I was drowning in a humid sauna of vinegar, so I rewashed all the floors before we went to church. After I washed the dog.

I’ll take my medal, now. 🙂


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