Mirror to Chalkboard

We have a mirror that I love, but it doesn’t work in our new place. All the reflections were weird.


It reflected half ceiling and half wall. I tried it in other rooms with no success either.

Since our family room is as bare as it can get, and because we haven’t found any artwork for over the mantle, I figured painting the mirror was worth a shot.


First, I taped some black cardboard to the mirror to test out the idea. Keith wasn’t so sure it would work but I am getting a little antsy to have some prettiness up in this house so I dove in.
It took several coats of paint applied with a foam roller brush before I was confident that the mirror was sufficiently covered.

I let the paint cure for a week (or I was too busy/ lazy to do something with it this past week, your choice).

Savannah helped me “season” the chalkboard this afternoon. This is a necessary step to prevent “ghosting” on a new chalkboard surface.


I had all the intentions of googling some chalk art ideas but my daughter decided she wanted to write a note to Keith for him to come home to.

I’m happy with the way it turned out!

My next task Is to figure out what else to put on the mantle!

Progress is good!


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