Advent week 1

It is WORK to get a household with three young children to throttle back and have time set aside to read and focus on Christ this Advent. Our days are like most other young families- busy and sometimes exhausting. But I know that anything worthwhile in this life requires work, so we will keep pressing on.

Monday’s advent activities were fresh off the weekend and we didn’t have too much scheduled that day.


I switched out the “Night Before Advent” banner with another from Ann Voskamps site in the dinning room. The kids made their ornament after school and we read together after dinner. Everyone went to bed at a reasonable time!

The rest of the week was a bit more harried and bedtime was much too late- 9 pm! Tuesday was completely and utterly my fault, because dinner ended up being a crash course in fire safety, as my homemade pizza night set the fire alarm off four times. Savannah started stop, dropping and rolling as I opened up the windows and doors to let the oh-so-fresh 17 degree air flow in and fanned the smoke alarms.


Wednesday night is the kids mid week church program and by the time they got home , it was 815, and the snack and bedtime process was long.

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a sweet sweet five year old friend, but it was also a later evening. We managed to read and discuss each night, but the ornaments were sometimes made the following morning.


I’ve learned so far that if you have an advent calendar and you are reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, you should probably have the activities be one and the same. Two activities is more than this mama can manage to pull off on top of the usual shenanigans.

Simple dinners are helpful if you truly want a peaceful evening and special snacks during advent story time gives everyone something extra to look forward to.

I’m struggling with managing everything on my plate well this month. Some days I feel like I am running all day long! Wednesday after the school drop off run, I had a room parent meeting to plan the winter party for my seven year olds class, then my annual physical. And I had to take the squirrelly two year old with me to both of those! Then we went up to the zoo for Sydney’s cub club program, then back for Luke’s preschool pick up, then I settled Sydney down for a nap just in time to race back up to the elementary school and visit the book fair with Savannah. Then back home for homework, crafts, dinner and Bethel Buddies.

All in a days work.

My sink has been full of dishes more than I would care to admit, and my laundry pile is like a Jenga tower that I keep adding things to, but I’m trying my best. I guess that’s the best I can do.


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