Washi tape tree

We have a relatively small tree, it was perfect in our quaint abode that we lived in for five years when the kids were very tiny. But with more ornaments, and a higher ceiling in our new house, I wanted more hanging space.

The Mr. said “no” when I presented the 100 dollar 10 footer I found on craigslist. He said I already had a tree in the living room and one on the porch, so a third wasn’t needed. I backpedaled, trying to think of a valid reason why the purchase was needed.

“There are three persons in the trinity. So obviously we need three trees,” I said.

So. Lame. I know. I totally lost the discussion.

But I really do need some hanging space, particularly for the beautiful ornaments the children have been making each day this advent.

Enter in a double pack of washi tape I found on sale at Michaels, for something along the lines of two dollars.


It’s repositionable, so it will make it easy to hang our card stock ornaments!


I did eight rows of tape and it took me about five minutes! I bet this would be a cute way to display Christmas cards too.



I love easy Home dec crafts! It makes me feel so good to check one item off my insane list of things to do this week!



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