Christmas stocking

After two years, our youngest finally has a Christmas stocking!




I started the stocking when Sydney was a baby, but I think I had about a week before Christmas to work on it. So the stocking fell by the wayside until the following year, when I also didn’t begin work on it until mid December.

Well this year was different! I was determined to buckle down and finish projects.

I loves this pattern from Cascade. It’s easy to interchange the various patterns they have to create a unique stocking for each member of your family. The trickiest part for me was the lettering. I eyeballed some of it and sketched some others on graph paper on previous years.


I was so thrilled to weave in the end a last weekend!

I love the rhythm of fair isle knitting, of using both styles of English and continental knitting. I especially love how this project is one I have made for years and will continue to make for years! Maybe next year Keith will get a hand knit stocking too. Or me! Or if someone is suuuuuuuper nice to me and asks for one for their child 😉


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