Do you want to build a snowman

I have the opportunity to serve as one of the room parents in my daughter’s first grade class and we get to plan a few parties for the children throughout the year. The kids work so hard all year that it is such a joy to see them just play and have a laid back hour.

The Christmas party, which was totally renamed Winter Party when williamsville schools canned all things Christmas back in the nineties when I was enrolled in their middle schools, can’t have any references to Christmas or any other holiday.

So. We paid homage to snowmans.

In addition to snowman crafts, we created a “do you want to build a snowman” game.

I made a snowman costume that consisted of a body, buttons, scarf, mittens and carrot nose.



We rotate the kids through several stations so we have about 5-7 per group. One member in the group is the one who gets to be the snowman. The other children took turns throwing foam balls (snowballs!) into containers that had pictures of either a snowman body, buttons, scarf, mittens or carrot nose.

It was a fun and easy activity that the children enjoyed. I was glad to have figured out something that wasn’t a desk activity so they were able to move around and be wiggly little kids that they so often cannot be! My kids are pumped that we get to keep the costume!



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2 responses to “Do you want to build a snowman

  1. Great activity! I just started a blog about food-play at The activities could be really fun for a first-grade class! I’d love to hear feedback, if you get a chance to check it out!

  2. aidamadrid

    How did you make the snowman nose? Or did you buy it?

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