Matching Christmas dresses

I found the cutest dress for my daughter Savannah this summer at a garage sale. It was in pristine condition and was very Madeline-esque.

I decided to try to recreate the dress in size toddler for Sydney, because my aunt taught me very well that sisters. Should. Always. Match. I remember so many memories of my cousins wearing matching outfits. I loved seeing them in their adorable outfits!


The bow proved to be the most difficult for me; I might beg my friend Leslie to fix it since she has her own hair bow business and has serious bow making skills.

I used a current dress for Sydney to figure out the length and I utilized two other patterns to create the dress- one for a circle skirt and another that had a bodice, zipper and bell sleeves.

I cut off a few inches of the fullness of the skirt to make the finished dress more similar to Savannah’s dress.


The bottom trim was also challenging because Joann’s was out of the narrow velveteen trim I wanted. The wider band did not bend well on a curved hem. I remedied this by notching the trim every few inches to create a curved effect. It was rather time consuming!



Those girls are cute.



I’ll be making them matching outfits as long as they will let me.



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2 responses to “Matching Christmas dresses

  1. So cute. I admire your skills of which I have absolutely (next to) none! Your girls are very lucky 😃

  2. Really cute dresses. I just found your blog as I looked for wipe off placemats for my 6 year old twins. It sounds like you are in western ny. Are you? I am and used to blog at Anyway, I love the Christmas dresses.

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