One sock done, one to go

After finishing Sydney’s Christmas stocking, I was inspired to knit again. With a family trip to California for Christmas, I thought a small, portable project would be a good idea.

I wound up a hand dyed yarn I had in my craft stash for years that I had purchased at a yarn festival. (Yes, yarn festivals exist. And I attended one. Once.)

I cast on for Childs First Sock in Shell Pattern from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks” during takeoff.


I had opportunity to relax and knit in the evenings after the children went to bed and Keith watched tv with his parents. I love tv knitting. And car knitting.


After returning home the day after Christmas I didn’t have a spare second until this evening to finish up the toe decreases, until tonight. The kids wanted to watch a show after dinner and we all piled into the family room and snuggled up.



One down, one to go!

While on vacation knitting, I was reminded of the knitting blogs I used to read many years ago. Many of my favorites have moved onto other things and I had a tough time tracking them down! One favorite of mine, “Lolly Knitting Around” , hosted the annual Socktoberfest in the month of October for years and I knit my first pair of socks during that month. Lolly doesn’t have a knit blog anymore, but she left her career as a research librarian to become a personal trainer. So interesting!


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