On flunking 2015 goals before the end of 1Q

I was ambitious. A little too ambitious. And I’ve also been a little lazy.

My easy resolutions, or, rather, habits that I restarted in December have been mostly on point. Because hey, it’s not that hard to sleep 8 hours a night and keep a tube of lipstick or lip color in every.single.purse and pocket I own. The walking the dog bit has been hampered by the never ending polar vortex- we have a Yorkie, not a Huskie, and little Miss Mercy isn’t a fan of the exteme cold.
She basically just freezes up and refuses to move when it’s too cold or if she can’t get through the snow. I guess I can’t blame her. It has been hovering around zero degrees for weeks.

Here’s the status report on my list. Overall, I’m hoovering just above flunking. As you’ll see, I’ve nixed some on the list and tweaked others. Keith has some fancy project management name for this, like agile project manage my or something, so I am going to pretend that’s totally what I am doing, and add his project color coding status (RAG- Red Amber Green). You know. So I seem productive.

My goals for 2015 are organized into six categories: Faith/ Personal Growth, Marriage, Mothering, Creativity, Fitness, & Others.

Faith/ Personal Growth- Amber- not quite on track, but moving in the right direction.

  • Wake up early and read bible while riding my stationary bike for 21 consecutive days in January (once I kick this awful cold)- ummmm I got a cold, then Sydney got the stomach flu, and then we all got colds again and I voted for sleep instead of extra cardio. I have, however, been faithful in getting up by at least 6 to read my bible. I’ve been trucking along with the If:equip groups weekday readings as well as my own bible study homework. So I guess this is sorta a win. Am I keeping this goal? Ehhhh ok I’ll try again in March to incorporate the bike riding, but I’m separating the goals into faith/ personal growth and fitness. It’s too hard to keep track of a multi tasking goal like this.
  • Finish reading all the half read books on my Kindle- read a minimum of 10 minutes a day- I am soooo winning at this! I totally read a little bit every day, I finished one book, am rereading another and started a new one (ugh, I know I am a serial book starter! But I needed to read Love Does for a Valentine’s Day project!)
  • Use prayer app daily- schedule just 5 minutes a day- I’ve been using the prayer app to keep track of things, but I am not consistent in spending purposeful time in prayer every day. 

Marriage- Green

  • Plan a weekend trip for 1st quarter- we’re waiting for a sale at our favorite inn, so this is on hold.
  • Plan a date night per month- I actually think we did this in both January and February! We are usually pretty broke in the beginning of the year- as we have several family birthday at the end of the year, plus Christmas and the traveling we did to visit family this past year. We don’t have a line in the budget for babysitting. I wish we did! Even just for me to be able to go to the eye doctor ALONE! But it’s not feasible and we’re at the mercy of free babysitters, aka, my mom. Hopefully she’s up for another sleepover next month, even though I am pretty sure she doesn’t sleep a wink with the kids over.
  • Workout together once a week- this has been happening on and off, depending on schedules and sickness with the kids. We worked out together last Monday and did a push up contest the other evening. Ha!

Mothering- Amber

  • Take Savannah to a painting class- the family classes at our local paint place are on Sundays and I haven’t found one that works with our schedule and that we like. I keep looking!
  • Visit science museum once a month- Yes! We visited the science museum as a family in January and with some friends in February. 
  • reinstitute chore packs and cleaning Saturdays- ehhh… we’re still working on this. There’s always a birthday party to go to on Saturday or something so I never seem to get everything done, but the kids are definitely taking their jobs to help take care of our home and their stuff seriously.
  • develop a homeschool/ enrichment schedule for Luke- in progress

Creativity- Amber

  • Participate in the 10 day Do Over Challenge – from John Acufftotal flunk, I don’t even know if I can do over the do over. I think I might nix this one!
  • Sew one article of clothing for myself per quarter- on track to make two items this quarter- a pair of handknitted socks and a sweatshirt/ wrap/ cardigan
  • try the “Year of Nothing New” challenge for clothing- I bought a shirt from Target. Then I remembered this challenge and RETURNED IT! Even though it was SEVEN BUCKS! Go ME! Then my two favorite pairs of jeans ripped in some rather unfortunate places in early January and they were deemed unwearable, but I have not replaced them.
  • write 50 blog posts this year- ehhh… maybe? I’m at about 5, so I have some work to do. But I am starting to figure out that I can write a bunch of stuff when I have time, and post it or edit it later!

Fitness- Red

  • Cut body fat to under 20%- holy hell, how am I going to do that? Because, carbs.
  • Participate in #30daysnocheats with Jen, starting January 5th- so losing. Lets shoot for March.
  • Help 2 people in their fitness journey- working with one who is having some amazing results!
  • research personal training certificate- no progress


  • Host an IF:Table- nope, not yet
  • Host a monthly craft night- actually I think this is halfway happening, though not terribly organized, my friend Cyndi and I get together to do some things every few weeks, and it is fantastically fun.

At the end of the 1Q, I’ll be rewriting my goals for the year. Being an agile life project manager and all. Ha. How are everyone else’s goals coming along?



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2 responses to “On flunking 2015 goals before the end of 1Q

  1. bethelaine27

    Your honesty is so refreshing, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting what seems like a set of lofty goals, and not meeting them. I like what Matt Frazier of “No Meat Athlete” writes about goals. He’s a big fan of setting ridiculous, almost unattainable goals, because he says we need something to inspire us to greatness. So when he set out to run ultramarathons, he made a list of steps to achieve those goals, even though he had convinced himself it wasn’t possible. But his rationale is that unless we set inspiring goals for ourselves, we will never be inspired to follow through with them! He has two young kids, too, so he seems to sympathize with the parenting angle of things. Good luck in March!

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