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A finished pair of socks

How long does it take to knit a pair of socks? Mmmm anywhere between a couple weeks and several years, especially if you are a serial project starter like me. 2015/03/img_3042.jpg This pair? They took about two and a half months from cast on to blocking. I don’t knit everyday, but I knit a ton on vacation over Christmas (helloooo that’s what vacations are for!) and then continued here and there since January. You know. In the waiting room at the doctors office. In the preschool pick up line. In the car when Keith was driving. I love these! The shell pattern, the color, the length, everything. They are the perfect amount of woolly warmth and the airy pattern means you won’t sweat to death. Important, considering I finished these in the month of March and would still like to wear them despite the warm weather. Oh, wait, no warm weather here yet. 2015/03/img_3041.jpg I was a bit nervous as I finished knitting these up that they would be too small.2015/03/img_3029.jpg Thankfully after a good soak and blocking on my DIY sock blockers they were the perfect size.2015/03/img_3040.jpg 2015/03/img_3038.jpg 2015/03/img_3039.jpg Time to put my feet up! For about twenty seconds until parenthood calls. Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from “Knitting Vintage Socks” by Nancy Bush. Ravelry Link.



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One sock done, one to go

After finishing Sydney’s Christmas stocking, I was inspired to knit again. With a family trip to California for Christmas, I thought a small, portable project would be a good idea.

I wound up a hand dyed yarn I had in my craft stash for years that I had purchased at a yarn festival. (Yes, yarn festivals exist. And I attended one. Once.)

I cast on for Childs First Sock in Shell Pattern from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks” during takeoff.


I had opportunity to relax and knit in the evenings after the children went to bed and Keith watched tv with his parents. I love tv knitting. And car knitting.


After returning home the day after Christmas I didn’t have a spare second until this evening to finish up the toe decreases, until tonight. The kids wanted to watch a show after dinner and we all piled into the family room and snuggled up.



One down, one to go!

While on vacation knitting, I was reminded of the knitting blogs I used to read many years ago. Many of my favorites have moved onto other things and I had a tough time tracking them down! One favorite of mine, “Lolly Knitting Around” , hosted the annual Socktoberfest in the month of October for years and I knit my first pair of socks during that month. Lolly doesn’t have a knit blog anymore, but she left her career as a research librarian to become a personal trainer. So interesting!

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Christmas stocking

After two years, our youngest finally has a Christmas stocking!




I started the stocking when Sydney was a baby, but I think I had about a week before Christmas to work on it. So the stocking fell by the wayside until the following year, when I also didn’t begin work on it until mid December.

Well this year was different! I was determined to buckle down and finish projects.

I loves this pattern from Cascade. It’s easy to interchange the various patterns they have to create a unique stocking for each member of your family. The trickiest part for me was the lettering. I eyeballed some of it and sketched some others on graph paper on previous years.


I was so thrilled to weave in the end a last weekend!

I love the rhythm of fair isle knitting, of using both styles of English and continental knitting. I especially love how this project is one I have made for years and will continue to make for years! Maybe next year Keith will get a hand knit stocking too. Or me! Or if someone is suuuuuuuper nice to me and asks for one for their child 😉

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